Iguazu are fully accredited full-agency partners of Veeva, across multiple products within their portfolio.

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It all starts with Veeva

This part of the CRM houses your materials, assets, reference packs and job bags, so it’s crucial that those working on your materials have a good understanding of the Vault and how to use it effectively.

In our changing world, accelerated by COVID-19, data shows that over 50% of HCPs still want to hear from their pharma partners on a regular basis. Veeva has the channels to be able to leverage this desire. Usage of Veeva Engage Meetings has risen by 738% between March and May 2020, with an average call time of 20 minutes, which is longer than reps would normally get in a face-to-face call with their customers. Veeva Engage allows the delivery of CLM content in a remote setting, and we understand how to get the best out of it.

Most will be familiar with ZincMAPS, but Veeva Promomats is being rolled out to replace this system. Promomats is easier to use, and offers a more efficient workflow through the whole job-bagging and approval process. Iguazu are experienced in using Promomats, and can assist you with any elements of the project lifecycle to ensure you can get your materials to your customers faster, and with less stress.

Approved Email usage has also risen significantly in the last 12 months; an increase of nearly 500% between January and May 2020, demonstrating the value that customers are putting on multichannel engagement. Personalisation within emails is possible via Veeva Approved Email, whilst remaining compliant, and this helps drive an open rate that is up to 10x higher than non-personalised content. With an average open rate of 42% for Approved Emails globally, sending your customers emails is a simple way to reach them, and potentially drive them further through your overall journey.

At some point in the not too distant future, face-to-face interactions will be possible again, but in reality, customer engagement is unlikely to ever return to what it was. Therefore, it’s crucial that channels such as remote selling, and approved emailing is part of your wider strategy. As the biggest player in the industry, Veeva are on top of new and emerging trends, and Iguazu are very much with them on that journey.

We have regular touch points with dedicated program managers, which drives collaboration, and in turn, will offer you, our clients, the best opportunities for interaction and engagement with your customers.


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